How Real is Wealthy Affiliate

I’ve been a member at Wealthy Affiliate 10 months now and cannot rave enough about what the organisation promised, and now. Took me  a while to get my head around all that was on offer and work with it. And I still haven’t experienced all there is here at Wealthy Affiliate.

I spend some time each day like another might on Facebook, but without anyone’s gripes or whinging about some hardluck issue. Just learning, expanding my knowledge about the on-line environment and onto the new incomes the platform training has to offer.

Affiliate marketing is where we become an ambassador for another company’s product or service. Millions of companies around the world have affiliate programs. Larger companies got that way in part via the long arm of their affiliates and pay commissions when our referrals effect a purchase of their product.

To get a feel for what’s possible, when a buyer purchases the small product say you have been promoting and they search around the company’s site and buy more and larger items on the same day, you are paid commissions on them too.

To get a feel for that, type in your search bar a product or company name and type + affiliate after it and scan down the results. Two biggies are Amazon and say Walmart. There are millions more.

The ways to develop an affiliate business, where you are paid almost passive commissions, is all taught at your own pace at Wealthy Affiliate.

There are over 1.4 million members in Wealthy Affiliate, a community established by founders Kyle and Carson 17 years back. Many members are learning, building websites, extablishing their blogs and posts on the FREE level. So there is no reason anyone wanting to learn and grow online incomes this way couldnt get started.

We all started with limited or no knowledge and found success in varying degrees. There is nothing more exciting in creating your first dollars on line.

And it grows from there. Learn more, Earn more.

There are many, many members ready and willing to answer a question you may have, depending on your time zone, who’s awake at the time. lol.

All with no thought or position of gain, using the pay-it forward concept. Someone else will help them in their time of need too.

No card needed here. I have never experienced a safe environment like  Wealthy Affiliate to grow my knowledge and confidence, all for Free. There are no traps. Come, stay, learn all for free. And begin your online income journey.

Ken Shaddock