How Real is Wealthy Affiliate

I’ve been a member at Wealthy Affiliate 10 months now and cannot rave enough about what the organisation promised, and now. Took me  a while to get my head around all that was on offer and work with it. And I still haven’t experienced all there is here at Wealthy Affiliate.

I spend some time each day like another might on Facebook, but without anyone’s gripes or whinging about some hardluck issue. Just learning, expanding my knowledge about the on-line environment and onto the new incomes the platform training has to offer.

Affiliate marketing is where we become an ambassador for another company’s product or service. Millions of companies around the world have affiliate programs. Larger companies got that way in part via the long arm of their affiliates and pay commissions when our referrals effect a purchase of their product.

To get a feel for what’s possible, when a buyer purchases the small product say you have been promoting and they search around the company’s site and buy more and larger items on the same day, you are paid commissions on them too.

To get a feel for that, type in your search bar a product or company name and type + affiliate after it and scan down the results. Two biggies are Amazon and say Walmart. There are millions more.

The ways to develop an affiliate business, where you are paid almost passive commissions, is all taught at your own pace at Wealthy Affiliate.

There are over 1.4 million members in Wealthy Affiliate, a community established by founders Kyle and Carson 17 years back. Many members are learning, building websites, extablishing their blogs and posts on the FREE level. So there is no reason anyone wanting to learn and grow online incomes this way couldnt get started.

We all started with limited or no knowledge and found success in varying degrees. There is nothing more exciting in creating your first dollars on line.

And it grows from there. Learn more, Earn more.

There are many, many members ready and willing to answer a question you may have, depending on your time zone, who’s awake at the time. lol.

All with no thought or position of gain, using the pay-it forward concept. Someone else will help them in their time of need too.

No card needed here. I have never experienced a safe environment like  Wealthy Affiliate to grow my knowledge and confidence, all for Free. There are no traps. Come, stay, learn all for free. And begin your online income journey.

Ken Shaddock



  1. I absolutely love what I read in this insightful article because it is full of great information. This is fascinating and interesting to me. Am a proud member of wealthy affiliate program, WA has really changed my life and my thinking. WA offers weekly training for it’s member and with live chat within its member. Access to two free website and commission are paid monthly.

    Wealthy affiliate is second to none in affiliates industry, thanks for the review  

  2. Wealthy affiliate has been the best thing that has ever happened to me,  This is a platform where you learn and earn at the same time. The benefits of Wealthy Affiliate is enormous. There are tons of lessons to help you fully understand the wide scope of affiliate marketing. There are also awesome tools like jaaxy, site health, site feedback, site comments and domain registration.

  3. One of the most needed aspects in growing an online business is having like-minded people that are on the same journey with you and are willing to offer their experience based on their knowledge in order to help you grow. That is one of the best parts of a platform like wealthy affiliate. It members are willing to help you with any problem you might have no matter how small it is.

    • Thank you Jay. Yes the free member support 24/7 proves no one is ever alone with the problem

  4. Wealthy Affiliates platform is amazing. I have never seen such a program online that is free to join and have two free websites. That’s incredible!  The training courses are so detailed and exclusive and it’s also newbie friendly. Everything is easy to learn the way the founders detailed. I joined not long ago and I am so privileged to be in this awesome community. 

    • Thank you. Amazing is a great comment. Says it all. Have a great year in your online income ideas and application.

  5. Ken, I agree 100% with your assessment of Wealthy affiliate. I find that the community is what separates it from other online training and website platforms.  I have only been with WA for 1 month, but I can already see the immense value when I compare it to some other programs I have tested. 

    I also have many years experience as a traditional business owner (offline) and I can tell this is a great business model for anyone looking to start a legitimate online business.

    • Thank you Paul for your comments and observations. I can say as you apply what you learn from the vast trainings your income growth is assured. Go well.

  6. Lovely post I must confess. Well, I have been a member of wealthy wealthy affiliate for few months now and I can tell you that it was few days after I joined as a free member was when I upgraded to premium member based on how beneficial the training is and I just can’t wait to continue. It’s been few months and wealthy affiliate already taught me few ways on how I can make money online which I am currently enjoying right now. Wealthy affiliate is the best there is out there.

    • Thank you Seyi. You have encouraged any who come here. Your response is well written and well received. Thank you.  Your attitude and research will get you to your goals for sure.

  7. I’ve been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for more than 2 years and I can testify that this is a real platform to make money. I like the community and training lessons. It guides me through every step until I made my first dollar. It may need some time to get significant result depending on the niche and consistency to develop your blog. But overall, I’m really satisfied with Wealthy Affiliate.

    • Thank you Alblue for your comments. Many will be encouraged by your response to the post. Enjoying your first online dollars are the most exciting. If I make $1, I can make $10, etc. then $100. Go well.

  8. Hello dear, I really appreciate your post on how real is wealthy affiliate. That’s a nice one. Well I am privileged to be on this platform for too though I am a beginner. When I first registered,  I never wanted to up grade to premium membership, not until a friend of mine that we both registered got upgraded to premium and I began to see what he was benefiting, the tutorial video he was learning from, I got multivated to upgrade to premium. So, with what I have experienced on the platform from, it is real, I have not even explored upto half of what they have to offer . 

    • Thank you Barry. It will take you a while to get through all the trainings, read the posts that attract you, and apply your new knowledge and confidence to creating websites and starting your online journey. It is said if you focus on the trainings, inspired actions will start your journey and the following lessons answer your questions to step out again. Next thing your business is up and running. Go well.

  9. Nice one Ken. I have heard of Wealthy Affiliates, and it is good that you have decided to share your experience about the platform. For a company to have existed for 17 years, that means it is doing something tight. What I have heard are not different from what you mentioned; a great community with over 1.4 million from around the world. people from all parts of the world helping one another to succeed online. 

    • Thank you Tolu. Yes all you said is correct. Although all perfect as it is in helping starters grow an online business and income. There are always new materials being created by the founders. Growth is always in the making.

  10. Thanks for sharing this article. Wealthy affiliate is one of the best if not the best affiliate marketing platform we have around which has been tested and trusted and has been around over time. I just join few weeks ago and the training have been exposed to is second to none. I agree with you that company pay commission when à product you marketed is bought and recurring commission if same customer buy another time. Affiliate marketing is fast growing and the best time to join is now. Thanks for sharing this article. 

    • Well said Olalekan. Yes so Affiliate marketing has millions of companies and products to promote and Wealthy Affiliate teaches all members how to do it step by step. WA itself is one of the best affiliate models there too to promote.  Go well.

  11. Hello Ken,

    No doubt that Wealthy Affiliate is a trusted platform for Affiliate marketing. Despite learning from the high-quality training programs and supports offered by WA, we need to work hard, invest quality times and creative ideas to make our journey fruitful. We can also acquire knowledge from the links shared in the WA community.
    I have joined WA last month only, and I’m very conscious that I have to struggle sometimes, like a year or more.
    Best of luck for your bright future.


    • Thank you Rgpratap for your great feed back in just a short while. The key is to keep going. Your breakthroughs will come, and looking back you can say “I have a new normal”. I have an online business. The best is yet to come. Good thing too, it’s a safe environment.

  12. I am proud to be one of 1.4 million members of the Wealthy Affiliate. I think this is one of the platforms for online business. Being a member here, many members are learning, creating websites, publishing their blogs and posts at the free level. So there is no reason why someone wants to earn and grow online, so that cannot start.
    Wealthy Affiliates platform is amazing. We can learn and earn at the same time.
    Thank You for the insightful article.

    • Thank you Irin. Well said, the free level is awesome. Appreciate your contribution.


  13. I can’t wait to join wealthy affiliate. I have questions for before I decide to join wealthy affiliate
    a) Is it free to join?
    b) If not free how much
    c) Is it another MLM?
    d) Let me know how much can I make from them
    I may trust you if you convince me out of my above questions
    Thank you and I will recommend your site to my friends to teach them on how to make money online

    • Thank you Davican. Really good questions. Firstly free to join. There you will learn from the trainings, two free websites to build and other access. I think the record at the free starter level was about 3 years. So no compulsion to take on more. Even referral commissions as you attract new members. It is a safe environment, go at your own pace. WA teaches particularly Affiliate marketing, that is when you learn to promote others products for referral commissions when people take up on your website referred products, using say Amazon and any of millions of others around the world. 

      The up grade offer for whenever you want to, if done early has a trial month at $19.95, subsequent months at $49.95. There is a 6 month offer bringing the monthly rate around $39, and a yearly special that makes the month divided to $29. 

      At this Premium membership level, tons more trainings become available, up 50 websites free and free hosting for ever.

      The big aspect you wont find elsewhere is the free support from thousands of members who are ready willing and able to answer your questions 24/7. The encouragements from members not related to you seems unusual but WA has a “pay it forward culture”. That is if they help another, later people help them.

      We are all on a journey together at different levels, expanding our knowledge in the online sphere to grow our incomes this way. 

      So I suggest jump on board if you feel OK, at my link, set up your free account as suggested, with a small bio and say a pic, and you will be welcomed firstly by me, then the founders Kyle and Carson and whole lot more who just want to make you feel good about Wealthy Affiliate.

      It is often said, firstly not MLM, or get rich quick, but if you spend a year with us, then a second, you will find as you apply your new knowledge with our help, an income will be clearly beneficial. Say a third year, working at it of course, the incomes based on others reporting will be very very healthy. 


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