Broadcast Your Offer to Thousands of Hungry Prospects Every 48 Hours !!!

The big issue once you have your offer to promote is to find people to present to, who will read and watch your material and respond to, or at least look at your material. Prospects or Leads.

There are lots of paid methods to broadcast with. Next there can be specific demographics: Like age groups, countries, male/female and interest groups.

Google does this is their paid advertising too. All this costs big money.

We have a solution for this with a successful model to promote to thousands each week. Those we promote to have an obligation to open dozens of sites per day to qualify to broadcast their own offers.

Win-win they call that.

There are 150,000 members with new members each day, expanding the number who can be promoted to.

You can invite others, your own friends  or associates to come on board too,  adding to the community, providing them and yourself with more to promote to as well.

Not every person opening your site will proceed further, but like normal advertising, some will. As long as people walk into a shop to observe the goods, some buy don’t they.

The main thing with a bricks and mortar store is people visiting. So that happens here in big numbers.

The minimum normally here is almost 3000 to broadcast to each 2 days.

As you spend more consistant time and open offers broadcast to you, your broadcast can rise to 5000 to 6000 keen prospects each 48 hours.

Those broadcast to will vary on each occasion moving though the whole community.

So this isn’t email marketing or anything spam-like, but a formal system of members reading and sharing.

So now you have the opportunity to reach guarateed visitors to your site each day and win sales of your products or services.

Connect here for the system, the offer, the various levels and rules.

Our system is Desktoplightning. Make it you friend today and watch increased visitors and sales of your offer.

Maybe you have teams or a multi level model. Watch and read testimony of fast team development too.

Ken Shaddock

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